Conscious Entrepreneur Masterclass

A 10 week Coaching Group to support you as you develop your business, find freed from stress and create the clients you'd love to work with.

Hi, my name is Matt Goddard and my passion is Helping Senior Leaders and Business Owners find the next level of Inner and Outer success.

Whether its choosing how to think Authentically; Finding your Authentic Voice; or have the Freedom to be your Authentic Self.  You’ve come to the right place.

As someone who knows the challenges of isolation, group think and trying to find the resources to meet the next challenge, I’ll help you find the freedom that’s right for you.

I know it’s not easy being you in a world that doesn’t get that ideas come quick and fast for you, that your mind is constantly on the go and that you feel frustrated when others don’t meet your exacting standards.  So, let me help you move to a place of Powerful Leadership, where you get to celebrate your gift, Live Authentically and find ways to engage others powerfully, so that they see what you see and come to appreciate you more.

If you passionately believe that you are creating a positive change for the world and you feel that greater freedom and understanding will enable you to move forward exponentially, then contact me and find the freedom to live in Authentic Abundance.




CEO Coaching Intensives – My 2 day Coaching Intensives allow you to focus exclusively on your challenge in an inspiring environment that opens you up to your authentic-self and allows you to approach your challenge creatively and with a new mindset – More Info
Authenticity to Abundance Coaching Programmes – My 6 or 12 month programmes are designed to enable c-suite professionals and business owners discover a new level of success.  During our time together we will explore the level of success you are looking for, the challenges you face and find creative solutions that transforms your perspective – More Info
Managing Change – With over 15 years experience of managing change and delivering significant value to my clients, I am confident that we can create a powerful partnership that delivers lasting change to your organisation or your business area transforming your performance – More Info

What my clients are saying . . .

Matt has an ability to cut through the excuses and stories we tell ourselves, helping you to understand that this behaviour is destructive to your self-belief, even when these stories feel like old friends. Matt supports you in identifying what is important for any business owner, at any point in their business development, which is serving and growing as a powerful choice you can make.
Diane Highfield Associates

Having worked with Matt Goddard, I can honestly say deep down it was an incredible experience. His coaching enabled me to stretch, grow and to think big and transform to a completely different level. I am a naturally big thinker anyway, but working together took me to another level. Embracing more and slowing down were things that helped me achieve so much more.
Kiki Kirby Coaching